Clarity & Confidence

for Your Legal Transaction

Real Estate Law, Wills & Estates, and Business Law can be confusing. As lawyers who specialize in these areas, we give our clients clarity and confidence about the process.

Legal matters are complex

  • Unfamiliar processes and language can be overwhelming

  • A small error or overlooked detail could create big problems

  • How do you choose the right lawyer?

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Feel Secure with a Specialized Practitioner

Real Estate


Complete your transaction with confidence that every detail is taken care of...

Wills & Estates


Avoid unnecessary taxes, expenses, and conflict by planning ahead...

Business Law


Protect yourself from the stress and risk of handling a sophisticated situation without legal advice...

Approachable. Relational. Invested.

We understand that legal processes and language can be intimidating and confusing. We also know that some valid thoughts and feelings come with the events surrounding a legal need.  The team at Cherkowski Marsden LLP are caring human beings who have been in your shoes. We have bought and sold property, dealt with personal planning, experienced the legal side of a death, and we own businesses. We understand why things feel confusing and want to alleviate your overwhelm. 


As lawyers and legal professionals, we have spent decades giving clients clarity and confidence in our specialized practice areas. We’re here to make sure everything goes smoothly so you can look ahead to life on the other side of your legal matter. When you need us next time, we’ll be here.

Steven T. Tiainen


Zach Pashley


Kim Barker

Real Estate Assistant


Lynne Barker

Real Estate Assisant


Lisa Mitchell

Senior Commercial

Financing Assistant


Penny Murphy

Commercial Assistant


Carolyn Semesock

Real Estate Assistant


Candice Wilson

Estate Planning & Estate

Administration Assistant


Megan Heitman

Commercial Financing



Corynna Olney

Runner / Office Assistant


Stephanie Kemp

Estate Planning & Estate

Administration Assistant


Janet Pilling

Real Estate Assistant


Marlene Lundrigan

Real Estate Assistant


Callie Pipe

Real Estate Assistant


Megan Shore

Real Estate Assistant


Jennifer Zmudczynski

Corporate / Commercial


Karl T. Marsden


Kevin E. Cherkowski


Sheridan M. Pimson


Getting started is easy - we’ll walk you through everything.


Talk to a Lawyer

(for free).

Let’s start with a conversation about what you’re working through and how we can help make things go smoothly.


Know what you need to know.

We’ll guide you through the steps and documents you’ll need to complete your process.


Be confident it was done right.

Because you’ve got a legal partner who makes things clear, you will complete your transaction assured that nothing was overlooked.

This is no time for surprises. 


At Cherkowski Marsden LLP, we know that you want to feel secure about your legal preparations and transactions. To do that, you need lawyers who make the process clear and take care of every detail. The problem is knowing which lawyer to choose for the particular life or business event you are dealing with. 


You deserve law professionals with focused experience in your area of need. We understand that the legal processes can be intimidating, which is why we work as a small, suit-free firm focused on client comfort and clarity. We’ll walk you through a straightforward process until your legal situation is resolved.


If you have a life or business experience that requires a lawyer, call our office to speak with Karl, Kevin, or Sheridan today. If you’d prefer to email a specific question, you can send it to one of our practice departments. Stop feeling vulnerable to an overlooked detail in a confusing legal transaction. Be confident, knowing you have the right lawyer taking care of you and your details.


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